Custom Fabrication

Manufacturing amazing work.

Woodworking and metalworking.

Sometimes on the same project.

A division of the Wide Format Department, our Fabrication team leads some of our biggest and most in-depth projects to date. Armed with an ever expanding armory of awesome new tools and equipment, we’re always excited by the next challenge.

Die-cutting is for paper. For signage, we router cut.

Anyone can make a square sign, so we encourage shapes, layers, spacers and LED’s as often as possible. Router cut signage has unlimited potential, from point of purchase displays, to monument and pylon signs. Of course, 3D dimensional wall lettering, stud mounted with spacers for your conference room wall. Perhaps a brushed aluminum face? Or custom cedar back panel? These are the things we get excited about.

Fine-tuned detail, start to finish.

Manufacturing of any sign can be a detailed process, but our team makes it easy. We begin with a concept: what are we trying to accomplish? Where is it going? Following the design and the approval of the project, we begin with the fabrication. Projects vary in production time, but we keep you informed every step of the way.

We want you involved with approving material samples, stains, pigmented vinyls, and paint finishes. We focus on your deadline for fabrication and your timing on installation. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we.

Built and installed by the same hands.

We look forward to the day that your project is ready for installation, in the ground or in the air. We’re confident in our team and our equipment that your sign will be installed efficiently and safely.

Our team at Knight Printing and Graphics is a diverse mix of experienced craftsmen and forward thinkers working together to consistently exceed standards of quality, efficiency and service.

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